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If thou couldst see, when the angels take the souls of the Unbelievers (at death), (How) they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): "Taste the Penalty of the blazing Fire-

"Because of (the deeds) which your (own) hands sent forth: For Allah is never unjust to His Servants:[Qur'an 8:50-51]
Narrated Al-Bara bin Azib(RA): Allah's Apostle(PBUH) said, "When a Muslim is questioned in his grave, he will testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and that is what is meant by Allah's Statement:-- "Allah will keep firm those who believe with a Word that stands firm in this world and in the Hereafter."

Prayer Times
Prayer Adhan Salat
Fajr 5:30 AM 5:30 AM
Zuhr 1:00 PM 1:15 PM
Asr 5:00 PM 5:00 PM
Maghrib Sunset Sunset
Isha 9:00 PM 9:00 PM
Jumah 1:00 PM 1:30 PM

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